Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Flashpoint" now on Smashwords...and FREE until Oct. 31

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know that my newest short story anthology, Flashpoint, now available on Smashwords.  Furthermore, from now until Oct. 31, it is available as a free download.  On Nov. 1, I will put the "regular" price of $0.99 on it.  Here's the blurb:

Author Stoney M. Setzer presents eight flash fiction works that run the gamut from science fiction to suspense. What if a Chicago Cubs fan could break the curse on his team with a laptop? What if a mirror showed you what you really are? The answers to these and other questions lie within.... 

So, just click here and go ahead and download your copy today (and, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!).  Philippians 4:13.--SMS

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