About Me

My name is Stoney M. Setzer, and I'd like to take this moment first of all to thank you for stopping by my blog. 

Simply put, I'm a Christian who writes speculative fiction (or spec-fic for short).  I've always been a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, especially The Twilight Zone (my biggest inspiration).  I believe that there is a great potential for this popular genre to be used as a platform for promoting the Christian worldview and message.  My purpose is to glorify God by using the ability that He has given me.

As for personal info: My beautiful wife and I have three wonderful children, and we live just south of Atlanta, GA.  I am a middle school special education teacher.  In the past, I have been the pastor of a small church, and although I am no longer serving in that capacity, I am involved in the drama ministry of my current church.  As a kid, I wanted to be one of three things: A comic book artist, a movie director, or--you guessed it--a published author.  When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and watching the Atlanta Braves.

Zero Hour is my first book, but I also have some work available on Kindle and in other anthologies.  Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog, and remember, Philippians 4:13.--SMS