Friday, May 3, 2013

One Weekend Only: All Three Super Chronicles FREE on Smashwords

As you may have heard, the latest superhero movie from Marvel Studios, "Iron Man 3," is opening in theaters this weekend.  To mark the event, all three of of Super Chronicles stories on Smashwords will be available for FREE download from now through Sunday, May 5 (or maybe even early Monday morning!).

Fealty: For years, Scott Archer lived a double life as Fang, sidekick to the superhero Puman. Scott has since retired from the hero business to pursure a "normal" life as a sports reporter. When Puman is killed by an old nemesis, however, Scott feels duty-bound to bring his killer to justice.               

Just Passing Through:  Blessed with the ability to walk through walls--and besieged with financial woes--a young man takes to robbing banks to support himself and his disabled mother. However, what he hopes will be his last heist goes awry when he comes face to face with a "hero" named Verdict who has particularly grisly plans for the "Ghost Robber."

Hath No Fury:  When Erik Mabry, aka Mole-Man, breaks his anniversary plans to track down an escaped supervillain, his wife Pam realizes that her best chance of getting his attention is to become a supervillain herself.
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