Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on Write 1, Submit 1--February 2012

February 2012 was a little bit of a slow month in the writing department, but I still managed to meet my "Write 1, Submit 1" goal for the month.  In this case, the story I submitted was the same one that I wrote.  I have other works in progresses (yes, plural) as well, and I had held out some hope that I would finish one of them before 2/29, but such was not to be.  Oh, well, there's always March.

I'm glad I agreed to do this challenge; it's been good for me as far as goal-setting.  I'm also nearing the time of year where the stress at school is about to peak but will recede quickly thereafter, so sometime after the "Ides of March" I should be a little better able to focus on my writing.  Thanks for stopping by to check on my progress.  Philippians 4:13.--SMS

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