Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is "biblical speculative fiction," anyway?

OK, so "Zero Hour" falls into the category of Christian and/or biblical speculative fiction.  Granted, that may not be a term you hear all the time, which begs the question: What is biblical speculative fiction, anyway?

First off, let's look at speculative fiction, or spec-fic for short.  Basically, anything that is related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural, etc. falls into this category, but with a lot more flexibility.  For instance, a spec-fic story can have some science fiction elements without necessarily having the technical explanations found in "hard" science fiction and without necessarily having to be set on a spaceship, another planet, or what-have-you.  The Twilight Zone--probably the biggest collective inspiration for what I write--falls into this category as most of its episodes have these elements without being "hard" examples of sci-fi, horror, etc.

So biblical/Christian spec-fic is just a matter of putting a Christian worldview on this genre.  It can take the form of teaching a Christian lesson through a spec-fic plot, or it can be showing how a Christian character might react to the kinds of things that happen in those stories.  Again, lots of flexibility.

So why did I choose biblical spec-fic?  I write spec-fic because I've always liked those types of stories and I wanted to write what I was most familiar with.  I put the Christian worldview in because that is my worldview, because I believe that it's only because of God that I can do this in the first place, and I want to glorify Him with my writing to the best of my ability.

If you want more details about biblical speculative fiction, this link will take you to the corresponding page on wikipedia:

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